White honey

1 1 / 2 kg. honey, 8 liters of water, 1 / 2 tsp gelatin, 2 tbsp hop, 1 - 2 seed kardamona.
Honey in an enamelled bucket, fill 8 liter of boiled water and leave until the next day. On the second day, boil the mixture for an hour. Then add hops, pokipyatit with minor interruptions (5-7 minutes) have 4 - 5 times. When Mead cool to room temperature, perelit it in a robust and juice, and add Cardamom gelatin dissolved in the water, block well. After the honey and configure perebrodit during 15 - 20 days, distribute it in a bottle, which tightly closed to lay down and sleep in the cellar with sand. To eat honey will be ready by 3 months.

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