Battenburgsky Cake

9 tablespoons Spoon butter, 3 / 4 cup sugar sand, 3 eggs, slightly beaten, 1.5 cups of flour, a few drops of vanilla or esentsii Malinova. For decoration: a few drops of vanilla esentsii, 1 tbs jam, 230 d. almond paste, sweetened pineapple slices and cherries.
Grease square oil protiven size 18 to 18, see Split his into 2 parts, putting the middle strips of paper rags. Cook spongy dough: Mix butter and butter with sugar until light receiving air, gradually shaping eggs one at a time. Using metal spoon flour mixture and Delicate. Divide dough into 2 parts: one esentsiyu add vanilla, in the other crimson. Place half the dough into different protivenya and baked at a moderate temperature for a period of 50 minutes. Crash on the grille and unparliamentary. Cut each cake in half portion. Add cake, alternating layers of color and smudging their marmalade. Light stir until marmalade softening them and grease the sides of cake. Velvety almond paste in the form of a rectangle of such magnitude, it takes to cover entire cake. Wrap them with cake, make a cross on top incision, beautify caramelized pineapple pieces and cherries.

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