Basma (Uzbek dish)

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Mandatory: Meat 1 kg (mutton or beef, and possible bone and zhirkom), potatoes 700 grams, carrots 350 grams, onions 1 kg, medium head cabbage (grams 700), salt, of course. And not required if there is, then put and not - not to be: tomatoes 3-4 pieces, eggplants 1-2 pieces, Bulgarian pepper 2-3 pieces, red beets, peppers acute pepper 1-2 pieces, beans slightly , quinces 1-2 pieces, solid green apples, 2-3 cucumber, herbs different. Spices: Cumin, koreandr optional.
It is one of the simplest dishes of Uzbek and I have not yet met someone who it would not work. When I suddenly became a student of a Moscow university Basma was the favorite dishes of our student companies. But it's hard in this recipe not argue proportions. Some may say: but we do not love onions, so they eat a lot of onions and acute, as we do not need so much. Then it is not able to accurately dish! Once states - kilogram, then kilogram. However, as you have seen from the listing of ingredients, this dish, and so requires adequate freedom to choose the products can be prepared almost from the fact that there is in the refrigerator, the more vegetables to the better work. You can even cook and to pork, and even get healthy, to take ribs or fillet… In Kazan laid layer of cold meat, fat to the bottom. If there is a separate top ulozhim pits. Prisolim this layer, and posyplem ziroy koreandrom-bit! Onions Cut rings, or as you like more, and the top layer of meat. If you, despite all my warnings, still less vozmete onions, then add gram 100 broth, but keep in mind: You lose as seriously! If we finished with tomatoes, but now it's time to cut the big piece, tentatively removing the skin if it is rough and turbulent onions on top, again prisoliv. Here we want to show special attention: tomatoes is not laid on top of potatoes, as well as after contact with tomatoes potatoes will be solid as glass, and not svaritsya, but it is not ideally! Although five hours ideally… After ulozhim tomato layer treated carrots, chopped meat or big circle. On top of the carrots to potatoes, whole or, if large heavily, chopped at the four parts so that would then allow for thumb. Allow potatoes and carrots. Now dir smaller pieces, all that we have left, and laying on top of potatoes so that it would look beautiful. Garlic Clear from the top of the skin and laying its roots and whole pepper acute never cuts, but also provide a whole. Fresh herbs can be an intact twig. Again solim and posypaem ziroy. Crowning all her cabbage, we narubaem large piece of the middle, removing kocherzhku,

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