Ovine liver in salnike

300 d. glands, lungs, heart and liver White Horses, 100 g onion, 100 g of oil, urban Roll, 2 cups milk, 2 tbsp smetana, pepper and salt to taste.
Well rinsed glands, dividing it into the pan so that the edge of his sveshivalis pan. Livera, ie lungs, heart and liver, well washed, cut to pieces and skip through Mincer along with bulkoy, purified from the crust, milk and razmochennoy otzhatoy well. Onions finely cut, allow, fry in oil, add along with cooked in Forcemeat smetana. Well vymeshat mixture, and allow poperchit taste, smooth layer to sort glands, cover the entire border and put in heated oven for 1 1 / 2 - 2 hours, and that all is well prozharilos. The finished glands crash on a round platter, sprinkle melkorublenym onion, cut in the portion of chop pie. This file can be salted dishes watermelons, salted cucumbers or tomatoes n sour cabbage salad with melkorublenym onion and sugar sand.

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