Bananas, zapechenye with almonds (Kela mithay)

1 st. l. fresh lemon juice, 1 / 4 cup (60 ml) protsezhennogo fresh orange juice, 1 / 4 hours l. natertogo walnut nutmeg, 1 / 4 hours l. peanuts kardamona, 2 st. l. dissolved lard or butter, 4 strong banana, 1 / 4 cup (55 grams) of sugar, 2 st. l. blanched almonds, sliced thin plates
In a small bowl combine lemon and orange juice with spices - nutmeg nut and Cardamon. Advance turn the oven (or electric grill). Brush melted butter or oil for baking protiven small biscuits. Clear bananas, cut in half along and put their hand up to Cut protiven. Spoon juice poleyte halved bananas, sbryznite their remaining oil, then sprinkle evenly with sugar. Place bananas in the oven (under the upper light, if any) or pech-gril and let dough 3-4 min until their surface is not pokroetsya bubbles and becomes slightly brown. Remove from the oven, dividing evenly on the surface of bananas and almonds again put in the oven until almonds are podzharitsya and will not zolotisto-korichnevym. Serve directly from the furnace. Prepare this dish with the refueling of lemon juice with the sugar, or with abrikosovym puree, apple juice divorced. And a different type of refueling and creates a beautiful contrast with the taste of bananas. For cooking apricot puree surround 8 apricots, clearing of the skin and divide by halves. Put them in the mixer, and adding 2 Art. l. apple juice, bring to the consistency pulp.

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