Bananas cake with walnuts.

200 g flour with razryhlitelem dough, 1 / 4 ch.l. pekarnogo powder, 1 / 4 ch.l. soda, pinch of salt, 150 grams of sugar powder, 100 grams butter, 3 st.l. yoghurt or prostokvashi, 4 st.l. smetana, 3 large bananas, 50 g crushed walnuts
Advance nagreyte oven to 180o C. Use two forms of diameter 23 see forms brush butter oil and sprinkle flour. Sift flour, soda and salt in bowl Vzbeyte butter and sugar to poluchilas kremovidnaya mass. Piece bananas, mixing with smetana and add to butter and sugar mixture. Alternately add dry ingredients and yoghurt, taking on the third and carefully churning after adding each new portion. Mix dough with nuts and spoon into prepared to shift shapes. Cook about 30 minutes. Place cooled on a wire grid

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