Bananas dessert

1 liter kefir (it should be thick), 1-2 bananas (to be soft), very tight gauze or not very dense tissue, 1-2-3-4 ch.l. sugar (to taste, and may be without it), a small segment (approx 30-50 cm) or a thin piece of splendor
Evening vystilaete gauze liter in the bank and fill them kefir. Gently obvyazyvaete province gauze splendor and podveshivaete over some dishes. You must appear on the lower surface, resulting bag, transparent droplets (that is transparent! Otherwise you will lose a large number of kefir wasted), which means that you have done everything correctly. The morning you find that the mass of fallen bag, and kefir became like a very dense smetana. Tsubota this mass of mixer, there bananas, sugar and vzbivayte 2-3 min. I. .. everything! Breakfast is ready. Separately want to say that instead of bananas to be any other fruits and berries, such as strawberries, peach, apricots, soft pear, plums, etc. Especially recommended for children with poor appetite, because this is a very tasty and per unit mass accounts for more calories. This dish is excellent nutritious breakfast, at which the cooking, you will take no more than 5 minutes. To prepare it easy and get pleasure estate. Coined this recipe on the basis of known, but more difficult, I, therefore, propose it to you with a special pleasure.

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