Banana Puri

2 banana, 2 cups of flour, 100 g Services or butter, 1 cups sugar, 1-2 tbsp water, 100 g of vegetable oil for heat
Sift flour into a large bowl, add spices and salt. Put Services melted butter or oil. Vtirayte it in flour until dough becomes like a big bread crumbs. In another bowl razomnite bananas, add sugar, flour and connect with peremeshayte carefully. If moisture is not enough to form a dough, add another razmyatyh bananas or 1-2 spoon warm water. If dough sticks to the hands, add flour. Masticate dough a few minutes, until it becomes a uniform and pretty cool. Let dough stand 15-30 minutes. In a pot nagreyte ghee or vegetable oil on the flames average. Kapnite few drops of this oil to the surface, where you are going torn dough, make it 16 balls and raskatayte them on thin steaks (2-3 mm thick). When the butter begins to brown, reduce the fire and put butter in Puri. He darkness for a moment, then sizzles with the rise to the surface. Immediately gently in butter pogruzite its reverse side shumovki until it is not vzduetsya as the ball. Puri then fry on the other hand a few seconds and then drop in on the rib to stekalo oil. Dough for these Puri should masticate until it becomes elastic, and they need to heat till golden brown.

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