District (buharsko-evreysky pilaf)

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  Ingredients: Vegetable oil (better than olive) 60 g, meat, mutton or beef (only flesh) 300 g, liver, 300 grams fat rump Ovine 300 g (ask at the bazaar from the Uzbeks, and if not, can be replaced by the 250 grams of vegetable oil), Figure 1 kg (no adhesive, dev-zera better, ask for a bazaar Uzbeks), one onion, two tsp ground black pepper, 8-10 bundles kindzy (such greens are similar to parsley, but special smell; other names: kashnish, coriander), on pol-puchka parsley, dill and green onions, salt, to taste (1.2 st.l.), 2 badly natochennyh knife, a wife (preferably the Bukhara Jewish), yet girlfriend A wifeЕ!Е Forgot!Е 0.5 liters well ostuzhennoy vodka.
  How to prepare: No Cousin? Prepare for today that neither will more! The wife with girlfriend perebirayut rice and soak it for two hours in a little warm water. The wife pechenku cut to pieces 2 h3sm and her girlfriend pours water into pannikin and bring it to a boil. Drop two or three pieces of liver in a rapidly boiling water as soon as the water swing, and liver pobeleet (blood in it wont), or seconds through 5-7, Voth must cut way to help each piece was the size of two risinki . A hasher do not believe - bitter experience! And let the wife cuts the same size lard. And then also let the scrap pechenku and greens. Onions is a very thin kolechkami well-sung with! Nalivaem Kazan in hot oil (if you are preparing to Ovine fat, the 60-gram, and if, without it, gram 300-do not argue with me!) And razogrevaem it to the white smoke. Drop the meat in Kazan and peremeshivaem constantly and rapidly. When meat pobeleet, drop pechenku, impeding again! Incidentally, the girlfriend of his wife already may withdraw from the kitchen, because it prevents! All this tradition for 3-4 minutes, no more, the meat should not prozharivatsya, it should only begin to publish a pleasant odor-drop lard! Another couple of minutes - all the greens! Preventing, dark greens, the kitchen resort sglatyvayuschie saliva children. Their vygonyaem and we shouted: where boiling? Again you are not delivered? Zalivaem litrom-poltora all boiled water, reducing light, albeit quietly heroes, andЕ can drink 50 grams holodnenkoy vodka. Let wife prepare salad tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, even on the table-style need not rush. All of this is so well povarilos, add black pepper. Do not be afraid, sypte! Do not be sad! Would you like to learn? Then-sypte how much you say! Rice washed under running water? It must be well-rinsed, to the transparent water. Remove from the water. Add the rice in vegetable oil (lozhku-dve), chopped onions and all peremeshaem carefully. SoЕ A solili? Nada Tinning. Try soup, it should be a little peresolennym still will figure in a portion of salt. Kettle Kids? Now will need is cooked without jokes occasionally, until the tomatoes will not have juice. Now, add the eggplants, cabbage, radish and Bun Celery, immediately dolem little broth, which varilas noodles, dry Bloringa one or two of red pepper pod. Having brought to the boil, and let the fire ubavlyaem povaritsya to slow the flames minutes 40-45. Try to salt (bulon-to salty!), If necessary, add a little bit and put-ziru spices, dried herbs, etc. Before filing on the table obdaem noodles with boiling water, allowing liquid water on its raskladyvaem cashier (well, or at the plate!), The top layer podlivy, again and again Layer noodles podlivy. Posyplem fresh herbs, pepper men perchika (undisclosed, of course, a little bit each vydavit contents to the cashier and razmeshaet for appetite) and a pleasant appetite! Incidentally, this is the dish allows for variation: There is no substitute for tomatoes, tomato paste, can be diced potatoes, eggplants no God with them, or something, instead of canned Bulgarian pepper. In a word-fantaziruyte!

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