Oranges, containing fruit salad

4 orange, 1 banana, 1 small apple, half fresh or preserved peach, half the lemon juice, 3 st. spoon sugar powder, 4 st. smetana spoons or fatty cream
Thoroughly wash fruits. Banana clearing of the skin and cut the flesh of feeling sticks. Apple also clear from the skin and removing nesedobnuyu heart, sliced thin straw. Place the chopped straw apple and banana pieces in a small salatnitsu, add a chopped into small pieces halved fresh or preserved peach. Washed oranges napkins to wipe dry, then cut each orange over salatnitsey half. Of each orange halves carefully retrieved using spoons flesh. Lessons orange flesh neatly divided into smaller pieces to be thoroughly cleaned of residual white skin and pips. Add orange slices in the flesh there is salatnitsu to fruit mixture. Sprinkle cooked fruit salad 2 tablespoons tablespoons sugar powder, and then his polit lemon and Mix gently. The remaining half of the flesh without giving oranges cooked fruit salad and place in refrigerator. Prior to the filing table vzbit smetana (or cream) using mixer, adding to the pre-1 st. spoon sugar powder, and beautify vzbitoy mixture containing halved oranges. See the history of the emergence of this dish.

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