Orange sauce

2 orange, 1 shallots, 2 st. spoon butter, 2 hours spoon flour, 20 ml of orange liqueur, 2 st. smetana spoons, salt, white pepper pepper, 1 pinch red peppers, 1 st. spoon kupyrya slots.
The thoroughness orange hot water bath and wiped it dry. Using a special device, or simply a sharp knife remove the tsedry so much that it was about 1 tsp. Then cut it very thin strips. Clear and shallots to chop it very finely. To melt butter and oil in soteynike slightly extinguish it shallots. Gently mix in flour and passerovat stirring until golden in color. Squeeze juice of 2 oranges. Protsedit it slowly through the riddle screen in the pot and continue pomeshivat to avoid formed clods. Add orange liqueur. Smetana to stir in sauce and left to languish for 15 minutes. Season sauce to taste with salt, pepper and red pepper peppers, mix with the orange zest. Rinse under the jet of water kupyrya page and nip off the stalks, sprinkle on ready for filing on the table sauce. Serve orange sauce to eskalopu (antrekotu etc.). However, it is extremely tasty and roll with meat or fish fillets.

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