Orange Sorbet

3 tablespoons sugar spoons of sand, 0.5 cups water, 2 tablespoons spoons gelatin powder, 3 / 4 cup preserved orange juice, 1 egg protein.
Place sugar and water in a pot and heated to slow the flames until sugar is not dissipate. Chill syrup. Dilute gelatin in a little water and add along with the orange juice to the sugar syrup. Well Delicate and perelit in plastic pots capacity of 600 d. Move Sorbet in the freezer for half an hour (until it is not petrified). Crash in a large dishes and razmyat, yet remain pills. Then mix with the well-whipped egg protein. Crash back in the plastic dishes and again put in the freezer until you want to be cast. Sorbet should prostoyat in the refrigerator at least half an hour before you cast it on the table in some vazochkah.

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