Orange salad with banana and pistachio nuts

6 oranges, 5 st. l. roasted coffee, at the tip of a knife hammer cinnamon, 60 g Grated bitter chocolate, 2 1 / 2 st. l. brandy, 4 ripe bananas, 80 g of purified nesolenyh pistachio, 20 g butter, 1 st. l. sugar powder.
Oranges plenty of hot water and wiped dry with a knife cutting special polosochek of thin skin (zest). Blanshirovat zest in kipyatke, then tilt the pan to that glass of water. Acute stabbed with a knife oranges white skin, and then each cloves with thin-film. Moloty coffee with cinnamon and 200 ml of water and bring to boil protsedit through a coffee filter. Then extract razmeshivat with honey, chocolate and brandy until well dissipate. Bananas are cleaned, cut sticks 1 cm thick, with cloves and oranges tsedroy put in a sweet sauce and coffee all Mix gently. Sort fruit salad on platter, on the wall outlets or fruit shooting. In the pan coated vysypat pistachio powder and sugar, and butter to butter to glaze slightly. This sort estate salad on top.

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