Entrecote with onions

Beef sliced crosswise slices thick fibers about 1 cm, discourage wooden tyapkoy, allow, poperchit, fry on both sides until brown education podzharistoy crust. Grinder rings Onions and fry it along with the meat until golden color. Serve posypav finely chopped herbs dill, onion rings, fried or boiled with potatoes, fresh or canned vegetables, lemon, olives. To file a meat sauce. You can cook and entrecote slightly differently. Obzhariv meat on both sides, but not carrying to preparedness, liberally sprinkle roasted willingness to sex repchatym onion, pour 1 / 2 cup broth, fill mayonnaise, sprinkle 2 - 3 tablespoons Grated cheese, bake in the oven until golden crust education. Prior to the filing table sprinkle finely chopped herbs.

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