Pineapple with whipped cream (pineapple chaval mithay)

2 cups (380 grams) or watching another white basmati rice dlinnozernogo, 1 st. l. butter or ghee, 1 / 4 hours l. hammer cinnamon, 1 / 2 hours l. freshly walnut nutmeg, 1 / 2 hours l. svezhemolotyh kardamona seeds, 1 schepot hammer cloves, 1 / 2 cup (65 grams) of black raisins, 1 / 4 cup (30 grams), almonds, roast and finely chopped 2 cups (500 ml) of chilled whipped cream 3 cups (750 ml) fresh pineapple, chopped to pieces the size of 2.5 to 1.5 to 6 mm and well drained 1 / 3 cup (70 grams) of sugar pineapple rings for decoration (optional)
Rice to sort hrn Otherwise, his brush melted butter or oil, add spices, raisins and 3 art. spoon almond. Cool to room temperature and shift in the bowl. Cool the bowl and Halo for lower cream in the freezer for 10 minutes. Sbeyte cream so that the rise in Halo or ice cream spoons, forming a peak. Add the rice whipped cream, then slices pineapple and sugar, gently peremeshayte. Cool within half an hour. Put on the hump Fold platter, and sprinkle the remaining almonds, if you like, decorate pineapple rings. Note: This dish can not be stored more than two or three hours.

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